Peter Rosbeck Jr. creates an Edgartown compound without compromise.

By Karla Araujo


A look at the Island’s super-sized houses: past, present, and future.

By Karla Araujo


Rampaging foxtail grass staves off one homeowner’s attempts to halt its advance in her garden.

By Margaret Knight


Dorothy Chaffee’s Edgartown house and garden are a celebration of a life well lived with her late husband, Henry. The homes they shared together are depicted in a hand-painted dining room mural, and she continues his gardening legacy in a charming backyard landscape.

By Brittany Lyte


Four designers discuss the best materials for creating that wonderful complement to Vineyard living – along with ideas for building your own.

By Anne McCarthy Strauss


Four different plant combos can bring a variety of colors, textures, and looks to your yard, and you won’t have to worry so much about them getting nibbled by your neighbors.

By Justin Ahren


After creating a neighborhood home on Lagoon Pond, new Vineyard homeowners found the Island lifestyle enveloped both them and their children.

By Linda Black


Professional gardener Peggy Schwier addresses the challenges of designing a property responsibly within the Vineyard landscape.

By Peggy Schwier


What happens when big dreams meet conservation commission realities.

By Jim Miller


It was raining hard, with not a hint of a breeze. The air was hot and heavy, feeling tropical and clammy as it settled on my skin.

By Lorraine St. Pierre


“Dahlias really make me sick!” Could the etiquette author, known for her Edgartown garden of shoulder-high dahlias, really have written these words? Even Emily Post couldn’t make the Vineyard’s weather behave.

By Susan Catling


“Even trees do not die without a groan.” – Henry David Thoreau.

By Karla Araujo