Richard Michelson is an award-winning children’s book author, a published poet, and the owner and curator of a popular fine art gallery in Northampton.

Kate Feiffer

At ninety-one, artist Ray Ellis paints daily in his Edgartown studio and reflects on his career. It hasn’t always been easy, but one notable collaboration in 1981 changed his life as an artist.

C.K. Wolfson

Time has never stood still for Rubin Cronig.

Nicole Grace Mercier

Tended by one dedicated family for one hundred years, Shearer Cottage in Oak Bluffs has a rich history as a gathering spot for vacationing African Americans.

Shelley Christiansen

“I drove down [to Martha’s Vineyard] with a friend and $7,000, which seemed like a fortune at the time.”

Jim Miller

He started the Seafood Shanty; he owned the Harbor View Hotel. He helped shape a town as well as an island. Now in his late eighties, he lives in a penthouse looking out over the Edgartown Light – far from his poor roots.

Elaine Pace

There’s no shortage of design inspiration on Martha’s Vineyard.

Elissa Lash

They’ve lived vastly different lives, but for Nelson and Danny Bryant of West Tisbury, the outdoors has always been their common love.

Phyllis Meras