High schooler and photographer Eli Dagostino has set a portrait-a-day goal for himself. His 365 Project turns the lens on a variety of Vineyarders, including these six subjects, presented here in pictures and words.

Joyce Wagner

It started innocently enough. Kim Hilliard, a Vineyard Haven massage therapist and musician, had an attic full of stuff she wanted to clear out. So in December 2011 she formed a Facebook group called MV Stuff 4 Sale, a virtual yard sale.

Jim Miller

A photo essay with style and safety tips for walkers during hunting season.

Samantha Barrow

If you were to die tomorrow, what would you regret missing, not doing, or not being?

Jim Miller

Most Vineyarders love the Rock, but come winter, many embrace the opportunity to indulge their wanderlust. Here are a few globe-trotting adventures to enjoy vicariously, or perhaps inspire a trip of your own.

Moira C. Silva

A venerable Island leader with a longtime construction business, John Early talks about life on the Vineyard, how affordable housing here should change, and lessons he learned in the Peace Corps.

Rachel Orr

The Island’s regional high school engages about half its students every year in a wide range of art, design, and technology courses. That’s twice the national average.

Brooks Robards

Six Vineyarders tell how they came to live on the Island.

Sarah Durham Wilson