There are dog people, and cat people, and horse people, and bird people. And then there are the people who never saw a pet they didn’t love. Or at least try to love.

Shirley Mayhew

One evening not long ago I discovered that my phone can take time-lapse movies. Now, I’m sure everyone with the ubiquitous phone that we all apparently can’t live without has known about this feature for a long time. But I don’t take a lot of photographs, so it was new to me. I happened to be out watching the sun go down over the water at the time, so I propped the phone on a nearby stone and set it to record the final moments of a hot summer day and the arrival of night.

Paul Schneider

Islanders will flood out of their homes on September 13 and largely disappear until October 17.

Charlie Nadler

Fisher-people prop their polesIn sturdy holders, sunk in holes,Which leaves their fingers somewhat freerTo wrestle with their cans of beer.


Hot tempura! Ice cream cones!Smoked ribs that melt right off the bones!Your stomach’s not an endless crater ...No wonder you falafel later!


Chef Chris Fischer gets back to the basics.

Chris Fischer