The more time Amanda Moffat spends on the Vineyard, the more her work seems to reflect the sea and sky.

Kate Doyle Hooper

Three generations of music-making in West Tisbury.

Shirley Mayhew

Warm and quaint, the woodstove marksOur flannel sleeves with ill-timed sparks.Devoid of charm, at least a furnaceFeels no urge to scorch and burn us. 


Martha’s Vineyard Hospital assembles a remarkable public art collection.

Brooks Robards

We wish our house was bright and cleanLike this one in the magazine
Where no one messy – child or pet –
Has come within a mile, we bet.


Out of a star-dense winter sky, the Hale-Bopp comet rears its brilliant head – a shining nucleus of ice and dust, trailing galactic gas and debris, forged light years away.

Simone McCarthy

A quirky, creative approach to textiles pays off for Island designer Libby Ellis.

Nicole Grace Mercier

Bringing life’s flotsam and jetsam together in a richly textured art form.

Brooks Robards