Fifteenth Annual Photography Contest

A decade and a half into this contest, we know two things to be true: this Island sure is pretty, and, boy, do our readers know how to capture it.

Entries were submitted from all over the country and came from seasonal vacationers, first-time visitors, and those who call this Island home year-round. Narrowing down the submissions wasn’t easy, but the judges have spoken. Here are their favorites.

First Place
Artist at Work by Larry Glick
Sudbury, Massachusetts

Larry Glick

Kevin Shea was putting the finishing touches on a scene of Menemsha Harbor, a fishing rod leaned against his easel, when photographer Larry Glick arrived on the scene. “This image is all about light and color,” said one judge, who admired its contrasts, depth, and shape. “The hard light from the worklight etches the painter’s arm and face almost as if he himself was a painting subject.”

Second Place
Flight by Meredith Lewis
Haverford, Pennsylvania

Meredith Lewis

Meredith Lewis’s image of her youngest child leaping from a log on Lucy Vincent Beach in Chilmark impressed judges for its dramatic contrasts and almost fantastical quality. “The photographer respectfully stays the distance to share with us this private, magical moment in time,” a judge noted.

Third Place
Nostalgia by Brooke Bartletta
Hingham, Massachusetts

Brooke Bartletta

Brooke Bartletta was enjoying one final summer day on Tisbury Great Pond when she captured a lone sailboat moored to the beach. “The composition, the colors, and lighting are subtle,” one judge commented. “This image evokes a feeling of solitude and peace.”

People's Choice
A Heron Without a Crown by Nick Teague
Lexington, Massachusetts

Nick Teague

The people have spoken and the votes are in. This year’s People’s Choice award goes to Nick Teague, who photographed a juvenile yellow-crowned night heron at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary in Edgartown. “I particularly like the sunlight on the leaves in the background, which provide a nice contrast to the plumage of the heron,” he said of his image.

Honorable Mention
Pinkwell by Alan Cahoon
Ashburn, Virginia

Alan Cahoon

Judges wondered who the little girl in the pink hoodie could be in Alan Cahoon’s photograph of the Polar Bears at Inkwell Beach in Oak Bluffs. “Your mind wanders,” one said. “Is she praying or is she simply enjoying the glistening water and the group aerobics? Whatever it is, for me, it evokes a certain serenity – peace, faith, hope, and a new day.” 

Honorable Mention
Sharks Warming Up by Jon Cohan
Edgartown, Massachusetts

Jon Cohan

The Martha’s Vineyard Sharks’ warm-up stretches take on an almost comical quality in Jon Cohan’s image as they cast whimsical shapes onto the chartreuse-yellow grass. It’s “a photograph that could easily fall into the clutches of a cliché,” said one judge, “but with this photographer’s trained is executed all so well.” 

Honorable Mention
Chappy Beach Club by Lucy Dahl
Edgartown, Massachusetts

Lucy Dahl

You’ve likely seen the Chappaquiddick Beach Club’s cabanas and umbrellas before. But have you seen them as Lucy Dahl has? “The skill of this artist’s eye to frame from far above discloses hidden patterns, textures, and a color palette that is startlingly beautiful,” said a judge.

Honorable Mention
Colorful Reflection by Sally Greenebaum
Northampton, Massachusetts

Sally Greenebaum

While visiting Menemsha Harbor, Sally Greenebaum photographed the reflection of a fishing boat’s hull with a textured, almost painterly quality. “Its simplicity is what catches the eye,” one judge said. “No bells and whistles.”

Honorable Mention
Grace & Mary by Jack Sipperly
Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts

Jack Sipperly

Using a Kodak Portra 160 35mm film camera, Jack Sipperly captured two workers harvesting zinnias at Tea Lane Farm in Chilmark. Judges celebrated his use of light, composition, and careful editing to create a “magnetic atmosphere” through the foggy field. “This image is steeped in a calm, quiet feeling,” one said.

Honorable Mention
Balaia, Tashmoo by Chace Lewis
Tisbury, Massachusetts

Chace Lewis

After swimming in Vineyard Sound with friends, Chace Lewis jumped back into the water to capture the sun as it set for the day. “By placing the boat in the foreground, the photographer creates a beautiful silhouette,” one judge said. 

Honorable Mention
EDG Fireworks by Luke DiOrio
Watertown, Massachusetts

Luke DiOrio

You’d never guess this scene is actually from the annual Fourth of July fireworks show in Edgartown, but Luke DiOrio found a way to see the celebration through new eyes. As one judge said, “The lighting, contrast, and drama make you feel like you’re in an apocalypse movie.

Honorable Mention
Nap Time by Karen Morgenbesser
Greenwich, Connecticut

Karen Morgenbesser

Karen Morgenbesser caught her son and his dog grabbing some much-needed rest on the porch after a busy day on the water. The scene reminded one judge of many a quiet summer afternoon. “For me, this photo evokes a classic Vineyard activity following a week of house guests and special dinners you would never make for yourself.”

Honorable Mention
Least Tern Courtship Behavior by Sarah Mayhew
Davis, California

Sarah Mayhew

During a spring visit to Lighthouse Beach in Edgartown, Sarah Mayhew captured the sweetness, earnestness, and awkwardness of least tern courtship. “At first glance, your eye goes to the victorious bird. Then you see his less demonstrative companion and realize that she’s about to devour a small fish,” said one judge. “You feel like a voyeur.”

About the Contest
Special thanks to our expert judges who make this contest possible. They include: Zita Cousens, the owner and visual art curator of Cousen Rose Gallery in Oak Bluffs; Stephen DiRado, an art professor at Clark University and an award-winning photographer and filmmaker; Ray Ewing, a staff photographer for the Vineyard Gazette whose work has been widely published; Alley Moore, the art director of this magazine; Charlene Pinckney, a visual director, editor, and curator, as well as the editorial assistant for this magazine; and Jeanna Shepard, a professional photographer and longtime contributor to the Vineyard Gazette Media Group. Sponsored by the Harbor View Hotel. For information on next year’s contest, go to