The Look, 1993

It wasn’t her first pantsuit, and it definitely wasn’t her last. But when First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton hit the links at Mink Meadows in August 1993, she may have debuted the first-ever vacation twist on her signature style: the shortsuit. Or pantsuit cutoffs, if you will. Plus a crochet belt.

Alison Shaw

Another milestone depicted in the photo: the future senator, secretary of state, and presidential candidate’s earliest-known complete game of golf. “She hasn’t had a stick
in her hands for about thirteen years,” President Bill Clinton told the Vineyard Gazette. “I tried to get her to start about thirteen years ago. She played about three holes and quit, but she came out yesterday and the other day and loved it!”

If looks are to be believed, she also loved her hat. It was an impromptu gift from Alley Cat store owner Daisy Kimberly, who spotted Mrs. Clinton in Vineyard Haven. She was rarely seen without it during the remainder of the first family’s ten-day stay.