The Mozart of Modernism

In 2011, when British architect Norman Foster and his wife, Elena Ochoa Foster, Lord and Lady of Thames Bank, bought Blue Heron Farm, the Obama family’s recent vacation getaway, Vineyarders were abuzz. What changes were in store for the expansive but low-key Chilmark property? How much time would the jet-setting couple spend here? Might we see them around the Island?

The answers (so far): a lot, a little, and not likely. The closest most of us will get is the 2011 documentary How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster?

The visually arresting film – available at Island Entertainment in Vineyard Haven – includes swooping aerials, dramatic scenery, fast-motion clouds reflected in glassy building exteriors, and praise from the likes of Bono, Richard Serra, and Paul Goldberger. Can architecture make your life feel better?