From the Editor

This magazine is dedicated to people’s passions. The off-season is a time when people who live on the Vineyard can make the most of their talents and skills, delve into their favorite hobbies, and join in the diverse activities organized by the year-round community.

Our cover feature is about the regional high school’s art department. Under the guidance of teacher Paul Brissette for thirty-three years, the program is a highlight for many students. And given Paul’s tenure, you can run into people in their fifties who remember his artistic influence in their own lives (page 20). The magazine takes another artful jaunt, this time into the world of hunting, with a look at the duck decoy exhibit at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum; the craftsmanship and history are fascinating (page 62).

We visit with John Early, known Island-wide for his many years of public service and his eponymous construction firm. He’s also a committed volunteer who shares some new views on affordable housing and land conservation (page 32).

One fall day, we left our desks and computers for a field trip to Chilmark’s woods for a fun photo shoot that touts the need for colorful hunting-season attire. Our “models” included a lot of walkers, two dogs, one hunter, and even a pig. The Island’s many nature trails and preserves certainly draw all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts (page 42). We also give a nod to the wanderlust that contributes to the worldly perspectives in our community (page 54).

Whether you’re looking to explore a new interest or nurture your own passions, the Vineyard is a great place to do it.