From the Editor

One of the best things about where I grew up was the annual summer fair. I loved going at all hours, as many times as possible. It was excitement in our small town. A friend showed her cows, another parked cars in her nearby yard. The Flying Bobs were the ride. The carnival lights in the evening were as much a treat as the warm, sugar-covered fried dough.

The Vineyard’s Ag Fair is just as good. Familiar names fill the art, garden, and food exhibits, and I relish the contests that involve feats of strength, speed, and chain saws. I earn my decadent fried dough by first eating a healthy ear of freshly steamed Morning Glory Farm corn. But for me, the highlight of last year’s fair was a simple dozen eggs. Seriously. In the main hall, there was a carton of the most amazing little eggs; they looked as if they had been carved of wood. I couldn’t believe they didn’t have a blue ribbon, since to me they were perfect. I kept pulling friends over to see them.

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the fair, we talked to a lot of participants and found that people have many different favorite fair moments, activities, and interests (page 34). We hope you create your own fair memories with friends and family come mid-August.

The surprisingly active surfing community on-Island is the subject of another feature (page 48). Though satisfying swells are usually few and far between, last year’s hurricane-
season storms in August and early September provided the opportunity to get some amazing photos. You’ll notice this issue has some stellar photography throughout, with our third annual photo contest winners (page 24), and Alison Shaw’s distinctive views of the Island’s lighthouses (page 62). We hope you enjoy this photo tour of the Island.

August is the time to make the most of summer, so enjoy!