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What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever seen out your window?

Melissa Carelli

MVTV’s Melissa Carelli’s bedroom is on the first floor. When she looks out her window, she might see an untied sneaker or a lawn in need of mowing – nothing unusual. That is, until one day last fall. “I thought I heard some neighborhood kids looking in through my window. I thought I’d scare them and lift up my shade really quickly,” says Melissa. Shade went up, jaw dropped, and Melissa found herself looking into the eyes of three deer – a doe, a buck, and a fawn. “I’ve never been that close to a deer, not to mention three,” says Melissa, “They were so loud. They sounded like ten-year-old kids.”

Peter Cronig

Lifelong Islander and Realtor Peter Cronig looks out onto Main Street, Vineyard Haven, from his home above, his real estate office. On a typical day he sees people shopping and delivery trucks coming and going. But a few times a year, he’ll spy pranksters stealing store signs. “I call the police,” says Peter, who has learned his efforts often don’t help the victims. According to Peter, “Even if they’re caught, people don’t get their signs back because they have to use them for evidence if they go to court.”

Gina Burns

Dog lover Gina Burns is the manager of Good Dog Goods in Edgartown. After her dog Sweetie passed away, she looked out her window and saw what she believes was Sweetie’s spirit. “I’d buried her in the garden and all of a sudden
I look out the window and there is this hawk sitting right above her grave,” says Gina. “My dogs and I were looking at the hawk, and it was looking in at us through the window, and all of a sudden it flew onto the deck right near the door. He stayed there about four minutes, then flew away. I truly believe that was my Sweetie’s spirit.”

Pat Alley

Oak Bluffs resident and retired teacher Pat Alley looked out her window one day and saw a goat standing in her window box. Strange? Yes, but it’s not the strangest thing she’s seen out her window, or even in her window box. “One time my brother-in-law was getting back at me for something, I don’t remember now what it was,” says Pat. “I got up one morning, pulled up my shades, and in my window box there was a deer’s head with his nose painted red. Rudolph was looking into my bedroom window.”

Patrick Best

Asked about the most unusual thing he’s ever seen out his window, five-year-old Patrick Best of Tisbury answers, Sgt. Pepper-like: “A frog in the sky.” No, not a hopper extraordinaire, but a constellation sensation. Patrick, a preschool student, looked out his window one night and noticed that the stars were aligned in the shape of a frog.

Bill Anderson

Imagine a deer running through Oak Bluffs, diving into the harbor, and swimming to East Chop. “It was about seven o’clock in the morning and I was having coffee in my dining room,” says the longtime owner of Anderson’s Bike Rentals in Oak Bluffs. “I looked out the window and saw a deer running down the bulkhead. He jumped in the water and swam across to East Chop.  I tell people this and they don’t believe me – but there was another witness” – the late Richard Packish of Oak Bluffs.