Island lamb is often available at farms such as Allen Farm and Mermaid Farm in Chilmark.


Fresh chunks of lobster with summer corn and tomato make a colorful and tasty risotto.


Glen Caldwell, kitchen manager for Offshore Ale Company in Oak Bluffs, puts together a simple but delicious pasta dish with chopped clams, lemon, and lots of fresh black pepper.


This famous New Orleans sandwich specialty translates perfectly to our Island locale, plentiful with oysters.


The food pages of Martha’s Vineyard Magazine over the past twenty-five years have reflected the abundance of food on an island dotted with farms and wild places and surrounded by water. In such pieces as “Going Crabbin’” and “Eating Bluefish,” the magazine has mirrored that continuing thread of self-sufficiency that characterizes a Vineyard lifestyle of fishing, scalloping, lobstering, clamming, crabbing, hunting, or heading to dunes for beach plums or to freshwater streams for watercress.

Catherine Walthers


Pierre Guérin suggests pairing chef Scott Ehrlich’s gazpacho with a summery white wine or rosé.

Scott Ehrlich


Susan adapted this recipe from Sheila Lukins All Around the World Cookbook (Workman Publishing Company, 1994).


These lobster-filled crêpes have a generous amount of lobster in them. They can be served simply as is, or Deon might tie them up with strips of scallion for a special presentation.

Deon Thomas