On a bright blue-sky day in early July, Niantic Park comes alive with banners, music blasting from speakers, and kids of all ages and backgrounds dribbling basketballs and shooting jump shots. While this might not be unique in a city like New York or Chicago, on Martha’s Vineyard it is the once-a-year event that kicks off the rest of the summer’s basketball program in Oak Bluffs.

By Mathea Morais


“I love working in a square. I feel as if it’s like a hug, a contained space. I love to get up close – paint bigger than life size. I like to engage.”

By CK Wolfson


I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knew the guy who on one sunny day, on a beach on the Vineyard, found a washed-up bale of hashish.

By Joe Keenan


As scientists track sharks and learn more about the ocean’s apex predators, a growing industry is selling shark-deterrent devices.

By Sara Brown


Ever since Wampanoags launched canoes in pursuit of whales, fishermen have been pushing the envelope by trying to catch big fish from small boats.

By Kib Bramhall


Is it time to take drastic action to fight tick-borne diseases?

By Erin Ryerson


Here are eleven great stories that have nothing to do with politics.

By Paul Schneider


A fern is a fern is a fern is a fern, except for a brief time when it’s a fiddlehead.

By Vanessa Czarnecki