Do you know someone suffering from Obsessive Boating Disorder?

By Paul Schneider


First there was a funky coffeehouse at Five Corners. Then there were art shows hanging in still-horsey horse stalls. But now a collection of brand new galleries and studios are taking the community arts center to a whole other level.

By Joyce Wagner


Painter Colin Ruel and jewelry designer Nettie Kent were making a name for themselves as artists in Brooklyn, but with deep Vineyard roots and a baby on the way, it was time to return to the Island.

By Libby Ellis


Jenny Allen’s wit and sharp eye for contemporary life are on full display in her recently published collection of personal essays, Would Everybody Please Stop? Reflections on Life and Other Bad Ideas.

By Karla Araujo


Long before it was the Chilmark police station, a temporary town hall, and a temporary library, the Menemsha School building next to the Chilmark Tavern was, of course, a school.


They’re not just for sauce, Pilgrim.

By Catherine Young


This past February modernism aficionados packed the Palm Springs Art Museum to hear Boston architect Frederick Noyes lecture on the career of his late father, Eliot Noyes. The event was a highlight of Modernism Week, the eleven-day design symposium, now in its twelfth season, that attracts 80,000 national and international visitors annually.

By Beth Edwards Harris