Every now and again you meet an artist whose prodigious talent is matched by a determined focus to make life what he or she always imagined it could be. Take silversmith Sara Thompson of Edgartown. Just twenty-one and a freshly minted graduate of the Oregon College of Art and Craft, she is off to the prestigious American Craft Exposition in Chicago to showcase her work. Oh, and there’s a four-month backlog for commissions. It’s fair to say that she’s on a roll.


With lobster tails for bait, is it any wonder the monster bass went nuts?

By Kib Bramhall


Excerpted from an article by Francis Endicott that appeared in the 1881 edition of Scribner’s magazine.

By Francis Endicott


They don’t have federal recognition. They don’t have land. But the Chappaquiddick Tribe of the Wampanoag Indian Nation has not disappeared into the mists of time.

By John H. Kennedy


Birds, fish, bats, even dragonflies are migrating, but where is everybody going?

By Robert A. Culbert


Barry & Besty; Daddy Wagon; Meanwhile, Over at the Fire Station...; The Horror, the Horror?; Sud-sud-sudsio; Probably Just as Well, But Welcome Back.


When trouble strikes or fish need filleting, it’s a good idea to have Eli Bonnell around.

By Mary Breslauer