Barbara Kassel's allegorical world.

By Elizabeth Hawes


A day at Lambert’s Cove Beach begins before dawn and lasts until long after the sun has set.

By Moira Silva


Who was Lucy Vincent? And did she have any idea what was going on down on her beach?

By Richard Skidmore


It used to be big news to see even a single seal in local waters. Not anymore.

By Sara Brown


“I like taking old work and incorporating it into new work, because it’s almost a continuous story of how your work has transformed and grown over time.”


Allen Whiting is tired of talking about himself. “The biographical stuff about me doesn’t matter anymore,” he said as we sat in his kitchen talking about, among other things, the fact that somehow he’s seventy, about to turn seventy-one, and it’s been thirty-five years already that he and his wife, Lynne, have been showing and selling his instantly recognizable landscape paintings out of the front rooms of their farmhouse in West Tisbury.

By Alexandra Bullen Coutts


There’s always basketball in Oak Bluffs, but there’s only one weekend like this.

By Mathea Morais