For the magazine’s twenty-fifth anniversary in 2010, we’ve revisited profiles and stories from past issues. Here we look back at one more unforgettable personality of the Vineyard, seen through his daughter’s eyes.

Kristen Kingsbury Henshaw

The off-season is not everybody’s favorite time of year, but most people who decide to call the Vineyard home year round have a special interest or pastime or even a particular personality type that helps keep the winter doldrums at bay.

Nicki Miller

There are many more people than plumbers on Martha’s Vineyard – not that plumbers aren’t people. But the odds are always against you finding one.

Wendy Palmer

The faded black Boston rocking chair has been in our family for more than five decades.

Lorraine St. Pierre

There are two different sides to Lillian Hellman.

Holly Nadler

If I had a really big house, I’d want to have an orangery, a magnificent hothouse for citrus trees and exotic plants.

Nicki Miller

A friend recently told me she needed a to-do list for summer – not necessarily for things to do before kicking the bucket, but as a reminder to take advantage of the season’s fleeting days.

Nicki Miller

Hunting for waterfowl doesn’t always result in dinner.

Shirley Mayhew