It was raining hard, with not a hint of a breeze. The air was hot and heavy, feeling tropical and clammy as it settled on my skin.

Lorraine St. Pierre

I grew up in an old carriage house in an historic part of Marshfield. I remember as a child thinking back to what it must have been like with carriages in the rooms – like a car dealership with vehicles indoors.

Nicki Miller

The woman standing behind me in the checkout line at Cronig’s Market looked so familiar. I knew her from somewhere, but which somewhere? An office in Edgartown? Conroy’s pharmacy? An Aquinnah party?

Niki Patton

It wasn’t until I was sitting at the first meeting of the third women’s book group I belong to that I felt a pang of embarrassment.

Kim Heath

As I picked at an ancient crumb stuck down the crack between planks of the table we had recently acquired, I realized why I had been so unsure about bringing home this family heirloom.

Margaret Knight

You are building a house. Or more likely, you are paying people to build it for you. These people are doing a tremendous job. Everything they’ve done on it is gorgeous. You can’t wait to live in it.

Nicole Galland

When I was a teacher, sometimes all it took to start the day off right was to receive a written excuse from home regarding a recent absence or tardiness.

Shirley Mayhew

Vineyard vacations for those who live on the Island.

Linda Black