It was raining hard, with not a hint of a breeze. The air was hot and heavy, feeling tropical and clammy as it settled on my skin.

Lorraine St. Pierre

I grew up in an old carriage house in an historic part of Marshfield. I remember as a child thinking back to what it must have been like with carriages in the rooms – like a car dealership with vehicles indoors.

Nicki Miller

On a glorious late summer’s afternoon, the Gay Head Cliffs glow with color on one side; the sea gently laps at the warm sand on the other. Ah, nature!

But on the strip of sand between cliff and sea there is what looks like a trade show for outdoor furnishings: umbrellas, coolers, chairs, tents, tote bags, volleyball nets, entire patio sets. Oh, naturists!

Mike Seccombe

I found myself on the defensive when I first heard the accusation.

Kate Feiffer

A young man marks off major life events by the deaths of his family pets.

James Streicher Evans

Sometimes there can be a certain charm to being vaguely naive.

Jib Ellis

If the heart of a house is its kitchen, our house used to be almost all heart.

Margaret Knight

“I suppose we should not have been surprised to find only one-quarter of the house covered in new shingles. I sat on the front steps and felt the tears welling up in my eyes. What was going on? I felt betrayed.”

Sally Bennett