A friend recently told me she needed a to-do list for summer – not necessarily for things to do before kicking the bucket, but as a reminder to take advantage of the season’s fleeting days.

Nicki Miller

Hunting for waterfowl doesn’t always result in dinner.

Shirley Mayhew

The longer I live on the Island, the less I want to leave.

Suzan Bellincampi

Hey! Hey! Hey! If you’re like me – a dog on Martha’s Vineyard – I bet you have all sorts of great fish tales.

Nicole Galland

I caught a glimpse of her when I turned onto the narrow lane of cottages facing the open sea. Something about the sunlight reflecting off her hair clip or the silver bracelets she wore on both wrists caught my eye.

Lisa Argrette Ahmad

I am no birder. That doesn’t mean I don’t like birds. I’ve just never gone out specifically looking for them, so my knowledge is fairly limited.

Nicki Miller

I wanted a church wedding and a wedding on a boat. Since I couldn’t have both, we decided to continue the festivities after Saturday’s official ceremony and reception – the next day, after Sunday brunch, we had a boat blessing in Vineyard Haven harbor.

Louisa Gould

Whenever we have visitors, we go quahaugging. It’s become a family tradition. My husband and I are happy to take guests to the beach, for a bike ride, and to our favorite breakfast spots.

Nicki Miller