I am no birder. That doesn’t mean I don’t like birds. I’ve just never gone out specifically looking for them, so my knowledge is fairly limited.

Nicki Miller

I wanted a church wedding and a wedding on a boat. Since I couldn’t have both, we decided to continue the festivities after Saturday’s official ceremony and reception – the next day, after Sunday brunch, we had a boat blessing in Vineyard Haven harbor.

Louisa Gould

Whenever we have visitors, we go quahaugging. It’s become a family tradition. My husband and I are happy to take guests to the beach, for a bike ride, and to our favorite breakfast spots.

Nicki Miller

As Vineyarders, we play it cool with celebrities. Over the years, this well-publicized nonchalance has emerged as our calling card. Live and let live is our collective motto, a motto that we sometimes even adhere to.

Kate Feiffer

In 2007, Martha’s Vineyard Magazine began an annual Island Weddings & Celebrations publication, which has been indispensable for many a bride and groom. We look back to the first issue with this delightful essay by a wedding guest who saw more than he bargained for.

Pete Cummin

The founding publisher and editor of Martha’s Vineyard Magazine, William E. Marks, invited Walter Cronkite to write a personal essay for the premier issue in summer 1985.

Walter Cronkite

Our first note of thanks must go to you, dear readers. Without our subscribers and all who buy the magazine on newsstands or read it in doctors’ offices, libraries, businesses, or as hand-me-downs, there’s no way we could have reached this twenty-five-year milestone.

Nicki Miller

It took a baffled outsider, my then new (now ex) husband, to open the family’s eyes to what we’d forever ignored: the rusted window locks, the soft spot on the porch deck, the pancake turner with the handle broken off, and so on.

Shelley Christiansen