The word on the street regarding the Island’s current real estate sales market is “cautiously optimistic.” While we may not soon see a return to the boom times of five-plus years ago, Vineyard real estate professionals report that the market is definitely trending up.

“The market is healthy compared to 2009,” says Meg Bodnar, a sales associate at Tea Lane Associates of West Tisbury and Chilmark. In fact, she says, three of her last five sales transactions resulted in bidding wars.

Karla Araujo

The word on the street regarding the Island’s current real estate sales market is “cautiously optimistic.”

Karla Araujo

The devastating effects of the Norton Point opening on one couple’s home.

Tom Dunlop

Always a subject of great interest on the Island, the real estate market seems to be offering up some unusual properties this year, everything from celebrity spreads to waterfront turf for pets.

Susan Catling

“If you change an island, and you make a big difference, it’s easy to see the difference,” says Sharon Strimling Florio, proprietress of Vineyard Alternative Heating in Vineyard Haven. The Island, she says, is “a finite area to work with. It’s something manageable. It’s a visible area for making big changes in our energy use and it’s a measurable area.”

Joyce Wagner

These days there’s a lot of talk, and some action, about prices at the pump, especially on the Vineyard where the cost of gasoline is consistently above the national average. Auto manufacturers are scaling back production of larger, inefficient sports utility vehicles, and hybrid cars have become more commonplace. But there’s a lot less talk about furnaces.

Charlie Cameron

Late one afternoon on Vineyard Haven’s harbor, eager eyes zoom in on the distant tip of West Chop.

Shelley Christiansen

How can you tell if your deck is safe?

Paul Daniele has run a home inspection business on the Vineyard since 1995.

Usually when decks collapse, it’s from overloading of people.

Tom Dresser