Billy Meegan specializes in compact but refined form and function, as seen in three distinctive Island guest houses.

Karla Araujo


This architectural standout in West Tisbury, with its combination of styles outside and in, has recently been renovated and serves as a second home for a couple of filmmakers and their young family.

Laura D. Roosevelt


Selling property in a tough market calls for thorough planning.

Karla Araujo


Conservationists and affordable housing advocates can be natural allies, as a new development in West Tisbury illustrates.

Jim Miller


While the real estate market may be sluggish generally, investments in energy efficiency can have excellent rates of return, at least for those planning to stay in their homes for a few years.

Jim Miller


Whether you call it caretaking or property management, it’s big business on the Vineyard, where many houses are used seasonally, part-time, or as rental investments.

Karla Araujo


With its long family history, this distinctive blue-shuttered house on a quiet corner in Edgartown presented new owners with a restoration quandary.

Shelley Christiansen


Short sales, foreclosures, REOs. For tough economic times, the real estate industry nationwide has developed a jargon all its own. And while there hasn’t been a lot of press about distressed properties on the Island, they do exist and may provide opportunities for patient, discerning buyers. Here’s a closer look at the ins and outs of “unconventional” houses for sale.

A distressed property is real estate that is under foreclosure or impending foreclosure because of insufficient loan payments by the owner/debtor. All forms of distressed properties exist on the Island.

Karla Araujo