These days there’s a lot of talk, and some action, about prices at the pump, especially on the Vineyard where the cost of gasoline is consistently above the national average. Auto manufacturers are scaling back production of larger, inefficient sports utility vehicles, and hybrid cars have become more commonplace. But there’s a lot less talk about furnaces.

Charlie Cameron


Late one afternoon on Vineyard Haven’s harbor, eager eyes zoom in on the distant tip of West Chop.

Shelley Christiansen


How can you tell if your deck is safe?

Paul Daniele has run a home inspection business on the Vineyard since 1995.

Usually when decks collapse, it’s from overloading of people.

Tom Dresser


In Oak Bluffs, at the turn of the last century, the houses that line Ocean Park had earned the nickname Millionaire’s Row. Philip Corbin, who made his fortune in locks, built what is now a favorite sightseer’s stop – the Peter Norton house – a few doors down from the home belonging to John and Sharon Kelly. The Ingraham Clock Company family once owned an adjacent house, and the Leavitt house next door to the Kellys belonged to the George Weed family, who made their money in automobile snow chains.

Brooks Robards


Was Julien Vose – a piano manufacturer and summer visitor who married an Edgartown girl by the name of Anna Pease – prescient when he bought the Tower Hill property that included this boathouse back in the early 1990s? Did he know that today, over 100 years later, his descendants would consider this boathouse a “sacred space”? One Vose family member describes it as “the center of our universe,” and goes on to say that “we continually ask ourselves, ‘How did we get so lucky? Why us?’ ”

Ali Berlow