Lucy Mitchell has long been inspired by the art of the outdoors. Since last year, it’s the size of her mixed-media sculptures that has grown to a new level.

Nancy Tutko

Ag Fair's winning poster.

Morgan Taylor Lucero

The Point Way Inn has become an oasis for visiting artists to live, work, and commune on the Island. The fact that it’s free is a gift to the bottom line of many an arts institution.

Rachel Nava Rohr

Why do so many artists include animals in their work? We explored the topic with six Island artists.

Laura D. Roosevelt

Martha’s Vineyard boasts a lot of committed people who own, work in, and patronize our bookstores. Neither last year’s Fourth of July fire nor the growth of big-box chain stores and online retailers is dampening that spirit.

Kate Feiffer

The home of artist Margot Datz.

Margaret Knight

It may not be Vegas, but people are playing Texas hold ’em all over the Vineyard.

Heather Curtis

In some excerpts from a new children’s chapter book, we meet a family that’s followed by rain clouds. After a storm delays the end of their island vacation, they head back to the city – but in their haste to catch the ferry, they forget one thing.

Kate Feiffer