Thomas Bena has a new film about big new homes, but doesn’t have a big new home for his Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival. At least not yet.

Alexandra Bullen Coutts


“Art reflects your own happiness and people can see in my pieces that I enjoyed making them. I think that’s one of the reasons they like them.”

CK Wolfson


Doug Kent's experimental world of large-scale, abstract paintings.

Megan Cerullo


The artist herself is a collage of intuitive and honed talents that bubble and flow from her in images and music, words and theatrics.

CK Wolfson


Susan Branch’s latest memoir brings a charmed life full circle.

Heather Hamacek


Martha’s Vineyard Magazine’s annual Best of the Vineyard winners were announced Thursday night during a packed event at the Loft in Oak Bluffs.

More than 5,500 votes were cast in this year’s contest, in which the readers declare the best that the Island has to offer in 85 categories, from beaches to bars.

Nicole Grace Mercier


At eighty, printmaker Ruth Kirchmeier emits sparks of energy as she talks about coming to the Island in 1988. It was, she says, “the beginning of a new life,” where she found her artistic calling – her intricate and distinctive woodcuts.

It is a painstakingly slow and exacting process that she describes joyfully. “You have to take away what you don’t want printed and leave what you want to be part of the image.” She carves four surfaces, one for the image, and the others to apply as many as 100 colors.

C.K. Wolfson