You do not have to be a little girl to enjoy dance class. Oak Bluffs resident Janet Holladay is in her fifties and attends more than five classes a week. Always spotted wearing a smile and a skirt, she dances her way through the week with ballroom dancing, swing dancing, and Zumba. And thanks in part to Janet, the new exercise phenomenon of Zumba has become a vehicle for all ages on-Island to show off their moves for family, friends, and strangers.

Meredith Downing

Simon Hickman puts up arbors with the same ease and frequency that I put up excuses. When you tour the grounds surrounding his home on Lambert’s Cove Road in West Tisbury, they’re as abundant as sparrows and each has its own distinct personality.

Geoff Currier

This is the tale of a marriage, a home, and a berry patch. All three happened synchronously in a whirlwind stretch of 2007, when Stacy San Severino and I tied the knot in June and moved into our new house in Chilmark in mid-August. Together with her three young children (Henry, eleven, and identical twin daughters Ruby and Nina, seven), we tumbled into our new home after a summer spent at my mother’s house while our mid-sized modular was being constructed.

Julian Wise

Let me just say, if I had a well-drilling company, I’d call it Good Well Hunting. But I don’t. Someone who does, however, is John Clarke, owner of Island Water Source Inc. in Edgartown, and as I learned from John, this whole process of locating water is a blend of regulatory compliance, science, and a dash of mumbo jumbo. But it all starts with regulatory compliance.

Geoff Currier

When we first tapped into the brain trust of the magazine to ask about the best things about winter, many of the responses were in reference to summer: It’s not as crowded, there’s less traffic and plenty of parking, we don’t need reservations at restaurants. But that’s not all there is to winter. Writer Tom Dresser, who’s done his share of Island tours, contributed the curmudgeon’s response to the typical tourist’s query about what Vineyarders do all winter: “In the summer, we fish and have sex.

As I pull into the Grange Hall parking lot in West Tisbury five minutes before nine, I see Ashley Hunter eyeing the cyclists assembled for the weekly Vineyard Off-Road Bicycling Association (VORBA) ride. It’s a cold, but not frigid, early winter morning, and the half-dozen riders are regulars, which simplifies Ashley’s task: gauging the abilities of the group and deciding on the skeleton of a route – though the ride’s path always changes once we’re underway.

Jim Miller

Legend has it that in 1816 Henry Hall of Barnstable County cleared the brush from around some native cranberry plants, and as a result, sand from a nearby dune blew onto the plot. Henry was surprised to find that instead of the cranberries being destroyed, they actually flourished and produced a wonderful crop. And so was born the modern cultivated cranberry bog.

Geoff Currier

A real estate agent once told me of a client who rented a house for a month unseen, made ferry reservations, and drove out to Chilmark, only to discover that his Porsche didn’t have enough clearance to get down his mile-and-a-half dirt driveway. Dirt roads do much to give the Vineyard its rural character, but don’t let their natural appearance fool you – they require more upkeep than Joan Rivers.

Geoff Currier