Just look down. As Jill Bouck, curator of the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, explains, “You’ll find arrowheads all over the Island. If you’re tilling a garden, digging a foundation, or just walking down a dirt road, keep your eyes open – you never know what you might find.”

The archeological history of the Vineyard is a rich one, stretching back to the Paleoindian Period – 9,500 to 11,500 years ago. While very rare, a handful of spearheads have been found dating back to that period.

Geoff Currier


Life-altering experiences come in all shapes and sizes. Barbara Ronchetti’s was about four feet tall with a long neck and pointed ears.

Such is the power of an alpaca.

Geoff Currier


No one knows for certain who the first person was to create scrimshaw; however, chances are his inspiration came not so much from a creative muse as it did from a state of boredom.

According to Tom DeMont, owner of Edgartown Scrimshaw, scrimshaw originated on American whaling ships in the 1700s. Because whaling was so dangerous, men were unable to work at night, and scrimshaw became a way for them to occupy their idle hours.

Geoff Currier


As a kid, hanging around the Concordia shipyard in Padanaram in New Bedford, Frank Rapoza was fascinated by the way boats were caulked. Everyone said, Why learn a dying art – after all, fiberglass is the future. Undaunted, Frank convinced one of the old-timers at the yard to teach him his craft, and today, what with the building of so many large wooden vessels up and down the eastern seaboard, Frank’s services are in great demand.

Geoff Currier


As we sat in the control tower, Michelle Meyers, the tower manager of the Martha’s Vineyard Airport, glanced out at the horizon and said, “All right, see this plane coming in?”

“Ah, no, I don’t.”

“Look low, just above the tree line; see it?” I walked over to the window. “Damn, Michelle, I don’t see a thing.”

Of course, by this time Michelle had already turned her attention to about fifty other things and I was left thinking to myself, I could never do this.

Geoff Currier