The drive through Kanomika Neck at Edgartown Great Pond takes you down a mile and a half of dirt road, through sand-plain grasslands framed by oak and pine trees. By the time you reach the home of Karen and Alan Muney, you’re surrounded by nature in a setting that feels remote, although the comparative bustle of downtown Edgartown is only a ten-minute drive away.

Anne McCarthy Strauss

Many Vineyarders know Joan Potter as the proprietor of All Things Oriental, the elegant antiques shop she ran for twenty-seven years on Beach Road in Vineyard Haven before relocating to her East Chop home in July of last year. Joan and All Things Oriental helped popularize Asian antiques on the East Coast.

Brooks Robards

They mark our place in history, structures of rock as daunting as the great pyramids of Egypt, as hauntingly beautiful as the Inuit inukshuk of the Canadian arctic, and as humbly elegant as the stone walls defining the pastures and lining the roads of Martha’s Vineyard.

Linda Black

Not everyone who summers on the Vineyard nurtures dreams of owning a house on their favorite island. Don and Ann Brown have spent more than forty years happily renting here.

“I like the idea that I close the door and don’t have to do another thing,” says Don, a Washington, D.C., real estate lawyer and entrepreneur. “I already have two houses, and that’s enough to take care of. We’re only here for two months.”

Brooks Robards

Architect Michael Ball and his wife, Penelope Dixon, a certified fine art photography consultant/appraiser, are already thinking about their next house. From that fact, you might conclude something is wrong with the brand new house designed by Michael that they moved into a year ago on Chappaquiddick. That’s hardly the case.

Brooks Robards

It’s always cheaper to tear down.

That’s the doctrine of many Island architects – much to the dismay of historical conservationists. And, faced with the challenge of renovating a vintage home on a limited budget, many Island homeowners feel they have no choice but to follow this creed to wreck and rebuild.

Joyce Wagner

How do you prepare rhododendrons for winter?

John Clift, designer and manager at Landscope Landscape Construction in Edgartown

Tom Dresser

Travel down State Road on any given day and you might see the past driving by, in the shape of a 1951 Willys Jeepster, a 1956 pink and white Buick Century convertible, or a 1953 Hudson Hornet two-door coupe. The grinning man behind the wheel? Renowned guitarist and Aquinnah resident Arlen Roth.

The three lovingly maintained classic autos are part of Arlen’s large vintage-car stable, which in turn is only a part of a bigger picture – a much bigger picture.

Niki Patton