One dough, one technique, lots of fillings: A rustic tart (also called a galette or a crostata) is a free-form pie that's fun to make and impressive to serve to your friends and family. (Honestly, you look like such a pastry rock star when you make one of these, but they aren't hard to master.)

At Cook the Vineyard, we've got the ultimate versatile master recipe for rustic tarts, starting with an easy make-ahead food processor dough that bakes into a buttery, super flaky crust. Inside that crust? You get to decide whether you want a sweet tart with an apple, plum or pear filling (with or without crisp topping) or if you'd rather make something savory like a Savory Cabbage, Apple and Cheddar Tart or a Savory Roasted Butternut, Pear, and Cranberry Tart. Savory tarts are wonderful with soup or a salad for supper.

Also, did I mention you can make these as big or as small as you like? Pile everything into one big tart. Make two mediums — or four cute minis. We love options.

Hey, we've got a wine column debuting at Cook the Vineyard! Chilmarker Jim Malkin will share his passion for drinking delicious wine with dinner and coach us on how not to get flummoxed by winespeak and wine rules. In fact his first piece, Cook Fish. Drink Wine. Relax., debunks the myth that we must drink white wine with fish — and gives us some very quaffable ideas for what to serve with everything from lobster to bluefish.

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