A few years ago in the pages of Martha's Vineyard magazine, I proposed a challenge: to eat fresh sweet corn every day for as long as it is available. I was kind of flip about this idea (Take This Bag and Shuck It), suggesting you might want to eat corn — on, but mostly off the cob — not just for dinner, but for breakfast and lunch, too. Crazy loon, I thought, rereading this yesterday. But then I paused. Wait, why not?

So here goes: Morning Glory Farm (Glorious Corn) picked its first corn this past weekend. First out of the gate (er, field) is Allure F1, a lovely bicolor variety. But six more varieties, including customer favorites Providence and Silver Queen, will follow. If all goes well, the farm could be picking a succession of varieties all the way up to late October.

People, that gives us about 90 days of sweet corn. Are you ready?

Start by making a versatile corn sauté part of your repertoire. Try this Corn and Yellow Bean Sauté with Bacon and Herbs. Next time, switch out the beans for peppers, mushrooms, or potatoes; vary the fresh herbs; drop the bacon. Just keep the technique

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