Twelfth Annual Photo Contest

After reviewing almost 1,000 images, the judges have spoken. Here are their favorites.

Keep Calm and Eat Brigadeiro

Wisdom for the ages from Sweet Bites in Vineyard Haven, where north meets south and no one goes away hungry.

Piece of Work: Cindy Kane

“There is something calming to me about looking into the eye of a whale. Especially in troubled times.”

Simple Syrups

Learn how to make a simple syrup and you're halfway to delicious drinks.

Vineyard Sunrise

This cocktail features fresh ginger as well as fresh turmeric, a tuber similar to ginger with a bright orange color and exotic flavor.


Pomegranate juice acts as the base of this brighty, zesty drink. Top it off, if you like, with a dash of bitters.

Thai Free

The combination of mint and cilantro adds zesty flavor to this simple drink.

Cherry Tonic

Lightly sweetened elderflower tonic water from Fever-Tree is a nice tool for zero-proof cocktails.

Here’s to January!

If you, like just about everyone else we know, are thinking of taking a winter dry spell, it’s time to think outside of the O’Doul’s bottle.

One Last Thing: Martha's Vineyard Rated