Play Ball!

Fans of the Martha’s Vineyard Sharks come to cheer for the college stars on the field. But it’s the team behind the team that has truly beaten all the odds.

Through the Looking Glass

Artist Richard Lee, whose work is featured in a retrospective at the museum this month, imagined a world in which anything was possible, everything was beguiling, and endless inspiration could be found in the grotesque.

Goodbye, Old Paint

There’s nothing like sheltering in place to make a person want to finally add that porch and change those cabinets.

Piece of Work: Jack Yuen

“I’m very passionate about painting wildlife and other parts of nature as a way that sort of brings people in and makes you aware of the nature and the wildlife on the Island.”

Pomp and...Circumstances

For the graduating seniors of Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School’s class of 2021, it was a year of many uncertainties – but that didn’t stop the students from making the most of it.

One Last Thing: One Day on the Menemsha Hills Trail

Asparagus & Spring Onion Puff-Pastry Tart

A savory puff pastry tart with spring ingredients is

Spring Eternal

Bring on the asparagus, alliums, and salami for umami.

Getting Deep Into the Seaweeds

Next time you eat scallops or feed your lawn, you might want to think about the emerald waves of eelgrass down below.

From the Editor

It is well known that long before any Europeans crossed the Atlantic Ocean and began, shall we say, investing in coastal real estate, certain medieval Christian monks debated at length the possibility of the existence of the place we now know of as Martha’s Vineyard.