A Flavor of the East

As Virginia Yans’s 256-square-foot cottage grew over time, so did its eclectic Japanese influences.

Piece of Work: Amy Nevin

“If you look at my work, you see that I embellish and cut edges…I don’t always keep it simple. I make it very decorative.”

Love at Third Sight

Russell Maloney was trying his best to find a buyer for a storied North Road farmhouse. Until he realized he couldn’t let it slip through his own fingers.

One Last Thing: The Vineyard Home & Garden Quiz

Caramelized Leek Tart with Blue Cheese, Bacon, and Thyme

This savory tart is really a quiche in disguise.

Le Leek, C’est Chic

And tasty. No wonder the French are obsessed.

From the Editor

The last time we put out a Home & Garden issue of Martha’s Vineyard magazine, the world had not yet changed. Or rather, it had changed but we didn’t realize the extent of it yet.