A Flavor of the East

As Virginia Yans’s 256-square-foot cottage grew over time, so did its eclectic Japanese influences.

Rice and Bean Veggie Burgers

One of my go-to veggie burger recipes is a well-balanced combination of rice, veggies, and beans.

Shiitake Mushroom Burgers

Mushrooms have a wonderful umami flavor, making a great base for a meatless burger. I created these quick and easy burgers to add to the collection.

The Not-Just-For-Vegans Burger

Whatever you think of the new high-tech “plant-based” (a.k.a. fake meat) burgers on the market, you’re going to love what pure and simple can taste like between two buns.

The Rafter Revivers

Brad Tucker and Liz Ragone can make “functional art,” which is to say something beautifully useful, out of just about anything they lay their hands on.

Piece of Work: Amy Nevin

“If you look at my work, you see that I embellish and cut edges…I don’t always keep it simple. I make it very decorative.”

Love at Third Sight

Russell Maloney was trying his best to find a buyer for a storied North Road farmhouse. Until he realized he couldn’t let it slip through his own fingers.

One Last Thing: The Vineyard Home & Garden Quiz

Caramelized Leek Tart with Blue Cheese, Bacon & Thyme

Le Leek, C’est Chic

And tasty. No wonder the French are obsessed.