Thirsty: The House of Bourbon

Get busy and plan your own tasting party. It’s fun and educational. Plus, people will bring you bourbon.

Thirsty: The Girl in the Bubble Business

This past summer, Martha's Spiked introduced two versions of its alcoholic, lightly carbonated drink: Martha’s Spiked Lemonade and Martha’s Spiked Cranberry Lime.

Thirsty: Martini’s Vineyard

We address one of the most critical issues of our time: the perfectly crafted martini.

Thirsty: A Rosé is a Rosé is a Rosé

A series of wines tied to certain places are being sold and the Island is, naturally, getting one.

Thirsty: So a Bartender Walks Into a Bar…

A Fine Sipping Donut

Because Back Door Donuts doesn’t open for hours, let’s make bourbon chocolate donuts!

Thirsty: Artisanal? Who, Me?

The surest sign you are a hipster is you vehemently deny being a hipster.

Thirsty: The Age of Ice

Why would you spend good money on good whiskey, then throw in a glass full of those pale half-moon cubes from your refrigerator ice maker?

Thirsty: 100 Mugs of Beer on the Wall, 100 Mugs of Beer...

The Thirsty Test Kitchen has discovered a club so prestigious that we hesitate to let you in on the secret, for fear of making it even harder to get in ourselves.

Thirsty: Last Call

Sometimes it’s nice to go where not everybody knows your name.