Shop Talk: Thinking Inside the Toy Box

New owners, new games, slightly new name, same beloved Island institution.

Shop Talk: Worker Bees for Hire

Susie Nedley of Bee Well has just the hive for you.

Shop Talk: Zen and the Art of the Left Jab

Charlie Giordano’s new boxing studio has a distinctly mindful vibe.

Shop Talk: Where it’s Always June

A new boutique takes root in the place Bananas once grew.

Shop Talk: Great Cheese? Meet Great Bread!

At The Grey Barn and Farm in Chilmark, you can now get freshly baked loaves to go with your Prufrock.

Shop Talk: Nochi, Nochi

After occupying the same cozy corner for more than fourteen seasons, Vineyard Haven women’s boutique Nochi has expanded.

Shop Talk: Raincoat Maker, Raincoat Maker

Functional yet fashionable raincoats fit for year-round Island life.

Shop Talk: Something Brooklyn This Way Comes

In a sliver of a shop on Main Street, Vineyard Haven, contemporary design, sleek urban style, and – wait for it – sophisticated menswear has been brought to the Island.

Shop Talk: Das Fotobus!

For lovers of all things vintage, there’s new reason to celebrate.

Adding a Little Salte to Their Slate

Lizzy Hynes had always dreamed of owning her own shop. Now she owns two with her husband Tom Juster.