Piece of Work: Sara Thompson

“This is the first body of work that I’ve invested in this realm and I want to keep going. And the spoons are just an ongoing curiosity and investigation.”

Piece of Work: Abe Pieciak

It wasn’t trash, it was a Trash Lobster!

Piece of Work: David Wallis

“I am going in a new direction. It is fresh and new and not what I normally do… And taking a risk in life is important to do.”

Piece of Work: Stephanie Danforth

“I love working in a square. I feel as if it’s like a hug, a contained space. I love to get up close – paint bigger than life size. I like to engage.”

Piece of Work: Jennifer Christy

“I’ve always focused my paintings and sculpture on the abstract,” she said.

Piece of Work: Colin Ruel

“I was influenced by the colors of the ’80s, TV commercials, movies, the colors around me. I’ll look at a painting and think, ‘Oh wow, that was my mother’s comforter.’”

Piece of Work: Ashley Medowski

“Art reflects your own happiness and people can see in my pieces that I enjoyed making them. I think that’s one of the reasons they like them.”

Piece of Work: Suesan Stovall

The artist herself is a collage of intuitive and honed talents that bubble and flow from her in images and music, words and theatrics.

Piece of Work: Ruth Kirchmeier

At eighty, printmaker Ruth Kirchmeier emits sparks of energy as she talks about coming to the Island in 1988. It was, she says, “the beginning of a new life,” where she found her artistic calling – her intricate and distinctive woodcuts.

It is a painstakingly slow and exacting process that she describes joyfully. “You have to take away what you don’t want printed and leave what you want to be part of the image.” She carves four surfaces, one for the image, and the others to apply as many as 100 colors.

Piece of Work: Kenneth Vincent

For Kenneth Vincent's oil-on-canvas painting The More Things Change, inspiration was a car ride away.