The Look, 1984

The shorts are shorter and tighter than they would be by the turn of the millennium. The sunglasses are rounder than they would be once the Oakley wraparound sunglass craze came and went. And the duffles look like something you might take to a Richard Simmons workout session.

The Look, 1945

The year was approximately 1945 when Leona Coleman Flu went out fishing on her uncle Warren Riche Coleman’s catboat, also coincidentally named Leona.

The Look, Circa 1950

The dog show is a tried-and-true event at the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society’s Livestock Show and Fair, but who knew that it was once also an opportunity to look so good?

The Look, 1993

It wasn’t Hillary Clinton's first pantsuit, and it definitely wasn’t her last.

The Look, 1890

Even for the late nineteenth century, William and Rebecca Manter’s style was lagging behind the times.

The Look, 1947

Betty Byrne flaunts lapels as wide as a broadsheet while pitching in to help Vineyard Gazette
co-owner Betty Hough (middle) and town columnist/social events writer Florence “Bunny” Brown (back) assemble the weekly paper. No word on where they got their similar shirtdresses, but sources tell us a McCall’s pattern was likely involved.

The Look, 1947

When a West Tisbury Grange meeting fell on St. Patrick’s Day, the only logical move was to celebrate.

The Look, 1987

You reap what you sow, but not what you sew – which may explain what happened to
Andrew Woodruff’s shirt in this classic portrait of classic farmer style at Whippoorwill Farm.

The Look, 1994

Single earring? Check. Chunky cross chain? Check. Backwards cap, Reebok
sneakers, and grungy mullet? Check, check, and most definitely check.

The Look, 1972