The Look, 1994

Is this what a feminist looks like?

The Look, 1957

Long before it was the Chilmark police station, a temporary town hall, and a temporary library, the Menemsha School building next to the Chilmark Tavern was, of course, a school.

The Look, 1975

Saigon was falling, disco was rising, and Jaws had only a few months earlier scared (almost) everyone out of the water.

The Look, 1965

Two years after the Mills Brothers Three Ring Circus made its first appearance on the Vineyard, the company returned for an encore performance.

The Look, Circa 1900

Watermelon picnics on the beach are a favorite pastime. But in which past time did this picnic, labeled on the back as being on Chilmark’s south shore, occur?

The Look, 1984

The shorts are shorter and tighter than they would be by the turn of the millennium. The sunglasses – are those Revos, Vuarnets, or Hobies? – are rounder than they would be once the Oakley wraparound sunglass craze came and went. The duffles look like something you might take to a Richard Simmons workout session.

But with the universal rule of fashion being “what goes down must come up,” the look is surprisingly current, if Esquire magazine’s best bathing suits of 2017 is any guide. (Okay, not so much with the bare-midriff tank top.)

The Look, 1945

The year was approximately 1945 when Leona Coleman Flu went out fishing on her uncle Warren Riche Coleman’s catboat, also coincidentally named Leona.

The Look, Circa 1950

The dog show is a tried-and-true event at the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society’s Livestock Show and Fair, but who knew that it was once also an opportunity to look so good?

The Look, 1993

It wasn’t Hillary Clinton's first pantsuit, and it definitely wasn’t her last.

The Look, 1890

Even for the late nineteenth century, William and Rebecca Manter’s style was lagging behind the times.