To make the pie, Claire drove to a farm in Chilmark to buy the right ratio of sweet-tart Macoun and Cortland apples to mild aromatic McIntoshes.

Steven Raichlen

Inspired by cookbook author Susie Middleton of West Tisbury, who starts her chicken breast-side down on a roasting rack before turning it over, I came up with this recipe that combines my favorite salting technique with Susie’s cooking method at a high heat.

Catherine Walthers

This gravy uses the defatted chicken juices and any bits left in the roasting pan after roasting a chicken. Before removing the chicken from the roasting pan, tilt the chicken and let any juices inside the bird flow into the pan. If you strain the fat, it’s healthier and you don’t sacrifice any flavor, which is in the juices and the brown bits at the bottom of the pan.

Tarragon and chicken go together nicely, and you can make the sauce while the chicken is resting after roasting.

Catherine Walthers

Make your dinner even simpler by adding some vegetables to the chicken roasting pan.

A fresh take on pan seared scallops comes from the kitchen of State Road restaurant.

This ceviche recipe from Cooking the Catch: A Spirited Collection of Recipes Based on the Catch of the Day, written and illustrated by Dave “Pops” Masch (On The Water), is perfect for Vineyard bay scallops. The marinade of orange, lemon, and lime juices firms up the scallops a bit and brings a bright acidity. Being naturally sweet, the scallops benefit from the contrast provided by the scallions and fresh cilantro, with the soy sauce balancing everything out.

Nothing says New England like some fresh striped bass for dinner, and adding lobster to the mix makes it even better.

Beach Plum Inn Cookbook