April is here, yet North Road in Chilmark has barely gotten the memo. The Menemsha Inn will open for business next weekend, but for now, the grounds remain ghostly and still, save for the dune grasses quivering in a breeze off the Sound. The breeze picks up the warm aroma of something cooking with curry.

Shelley Christiansen

Andrew Lefkowits ran onto the Tabernacle stage through the rear door six minutes into the Vineyard Sound reunion concert wearing shorts, a yellow button-down shirt, an overnight beard, and a backpack hooked on his shoulder. From the audience, you could see him crouch a bit as he darted along the back wall to a wooden chair just left of center stage.

Tom Dunlop

Elsie Nunes and her family bought a summer home on the Island in 1970, and she moved here year-round when she retired in 1986.

Joyce Wagner

Not only did the Screen Actors Guild strike earlier this year keep Amy Brenneman from spending much time at her Vineyard home, but she joined a coalition of actors that call themselves Unite for Strength.

Unite for Strength will challenge the slate of candidates running for election in September. Why? Unite for Strength claims they dropped the ball in negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

Brooks Robards

I do not ask for much in life (and friends of mine say that sometimes it shows), but this springtime I do ask why the Vineyard staged Jaws Fest, the all-Island hullabaloo over the thirtieth anniversary of the release of Jaws three summers ago, but – at press time anyway – shows no sign whatsoever that it’s going to hold a Jaws 2 Fest to honor the 1978 release of the first of the three sequels to follow it.

Tom Dunlop

“I want to be an old Vineyard salt,” says the wisp of a woman whose drive is inversely proportional to her height. Her long curly hair, her broad smile, and her petite figure don’t fool those who know her. This woman is a dynamo. “Martha’s Vineyard is beautiful, stunning,” she says, “but I wouldn’t come here to wait on tables, no matter how beautiful it is. I need a mission.”

Elaine Pace

I became interested in moving to Martha’s Vineyard about thirty years ago through my conversations with Terry McCarthy. He was a state representative based on the Vineyard, and I was assistant regional director of Region Six [Boston] for the Department of Youth Services. I met Terry at the Golden Dome pub on Beacon Hill. A lot of state business was conducted there, and I was familiar with the place because I used to sit in the barbershop next door talking with Billy Bulger [who became president of the state senate during this time].

Jim Kaplan