As idyllic as Island farming may seem, making a go of it is, and always was, a mysterious combination of constant hard work and occasional good luck. At West Tisbury's iconic Nip'n'Tuck Farm, it's always been, well, nip and tuck.

Tina Miller


With a house full of fine art and fields full of ponies, pigs, and goats, Cynthia and Scott Bermudes, along with their teenage daughters Paris and Anais, are surrounded by the things they love.

Susan Catling


Martha’s Vineyard is not particularly hospitable when it comes to fruit trees.

Susan Catling


Kaila Binney returned to the Island to share her working knowledge of sustainability practices in farming and beyond. A special Vineyard educational fellowship made this financially possible.

Alexandra Bullen Coutts


Chef and farmer Chris Fischer invites people closer to the source of their food – in the down-to-earth setting of his Chilmark farm.

Catherine Walthers


An old-fashioned farmer at the heart of Island agriculture.

Phyllis Meras


What started as a pastime has grown into a thriving enterprise at Tiasquin Orchard in West Tisbury, where Island-grown apples are the freshest for eating on the run, adding to salads and soups, and baking the best apple desserts.

Catherine Walthers


Brookside Farm is one of those Island spots at which the tour busses slow down so passengers can admire its rural charms. With its pair of oxen grazing in a lush field surrounded by stone walls, its blossoming fruit trees, and its hillsides sloping down to a serene pond along the Tiasquam River, it is the embodiment of up-Island Vineyard beauty.

Laura D. Roosevelt