I first explored Menemsha Hills more than fifty years ago, when the trails we followed were mostly made by cattle and deer. In the early 1940s, my father, with the aid of friends, had stacked a pile of boulders on the summit of Prospect Hill. His goal was to make the top of the pile roughly three feet higher than the 311-foot Peaked Hill, which is the Island’s highest point. I still to this day climb on top of that pile of boulders just to get the feeling of knowing that nobody is standing higher than me on the Vineyard.

Albert O. Fischer


Shops and eateries atop the Gay Head Cliffs have been drawing tourists and Vineyarders alike for more than a hundred years. Run by Wampanoags, the shops are part of the tribal culture in Aquinnah.

Richard C. Skidmore


South Beach in Edgartown – a playground of dunes, waves, and crowds – is the beachiest beach on Martha’s Vineyard. The quintessence of Beach.

Jim Miller


A photo essay with style and safety tips for walkers during hunting season.

Samantha Barrow


Let’s take a break from Jaws. It’s time to extract ourselves from the great white’s pernicious clutches and swim on to other cinematic fare relevant to our Island.

Kate Feiffer


A working fishing village with front-row seats for sunset, Menemsha exerts an inexorable pull on lifelong Islanders and weekend visitors alike, a seemingly timeless place where vintage post card imagery coexists with gritty, wet reality.

Jim Miller


How prescribed burns can increase public safety, improve habitat, and help restore the landscape.

Matt Pelikan


Most of us will never see the inside of the Dukes County Jail and House of Correction in Edgartown. But sometimes the unexpected arrest does happen – whether it’s your own or that of a friend or loved one – and there are definitely worse places to do time.

Brooks Robards