Architect Michael Ball and his wife, Penelope Dixon, a certified fine art photography consultant/appraiser, are already thinking about their next house. From that fact, you might conclude something is wrong with the brand new house designed by Michael that they moved into a year ago on Chappaquiddick. That’s hardly the case.

Brooks Robards

It’s always cheaper to tear down.

That’s the doctrine of many Island architects – much to the dismay of historical conservationists. And, faced with the challenge of renovating a vintage home on a limited budget, many Island homeowners feel they have no choice but to follow this creed to wreck and rebuild.

Joyce Wagner

How do you prepare rhododendrons for winter?

John Clift, designer and manager at Landscope Landscape Construction in Edgartown

Tom Dresser

Travel down State Road on any given day and you might see the past driving by, in the shape of a 1951 Willys Jeepster, a 1956 pink and white Buick Century convertible, or a 1953 Hudson Hornet two-door coupe. The grinning man behind the wheel? Renowned guitarist and Aquinnah resident Arlen Roth.

The three lovingly maintained classic autos are part of Arlen’s large vintage-car stable, which in turn is only a part of a bigger picture – a much bigger picture.

Niki Patton

“It wasn’t really on my radar,” television and screen star Amy Brenneman says about the Vineyard. She was sitting in the living room of the Island home she and her husband, writer and director Brad Silberling, have owned for eight years.

Brooks Robards

Using what you have

Carole Gothard

Great renovators are not unlike great film directors. Both have to creatively drive a team that spans from the big-money professionals with the glamour jobs to the folks who hammer the nails, keeping track of the techies wiring for sound and the artisans who choose the just-right fabrics. Both oversee the experts in special effects (of one sort or another) who make crazy-sounding ideas become real. Both know details matter. They have strong vision, but draw too from the creatives around them.

Lauren Martin