An Edgartown church transformed into a family's private sanctuary.

Heather Hamacek

Staging, the process of sprucing up the interior of a home to help it sell quicker.

Mary Breslauer

Imagine there’s no heat’s easy if you try.

Erin Ryerson

The history of Shingle Style architecture.

Part two of our exploration of the mid-century modern heritage on the Vineyard.

Beth Edwards Harris

The modernist master Eliot Noyes designed four homes on the Vineyard.

Beth Edwards Harris

When Gary Maynard and Kristina Kinsman Maynard decided they were ready to downsize, they weren’t kidding.

Alexandra Bullen Coutts

Sure, there are Doric columns on the porch, but David Behnke and Paul Doherty’s home in the William Street Historic District is most certainly not your average Greek Revival.

Shelley Christiansen