The Spirit of the Island

For our anniversary issue, Alley Moore, the magazine’s art director since 2003, curates an “art show” to recognize many of the artists contributing to the Vineyard community.

Thomas Hart Benton, The Cliffs, 1921, oil on canvas, 29 x 34 5/8 inches, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Art director Alley Moore chose this painting, which ran in July 2004, for its simple, stunning beauty, and because it was unusual for the artist to paint both the Vineyard and the ocean.

Art has a strong presence on the Island, and that’s definitely been reflected in
the magazine. The works of many artists – painters, sculptors, photographers, and various craftsmen – have appeared in our pages from the get-go. As our current art director, Alley Moore, couldn’t possibly represent every artist the magazine has featured, he narrowed the field based on images that have been particularly memorable – perhaps because an artist’s work gives a new way of looking at the Vineyard, or the subject matter resonates with him, or the quality of the artwork is particularly fine.

Some of the names of artists will be familiar, though some of the pieces chosen may be uncharacteristic of what you might expect. Many of these pieces you might see on
museum or gallery walls, others have been created specifically for the magazine, still
others may be more suited to art class in an elementary school. They each have something to say about the Island, the artists, and the impact of creativity.