Sampson’s Hill, Sankaty, Sea Serpent, Sebastian, the Singing Cop, and Squeteague.


The entries came from as far away as California and Canada, and covered everything from Aquinnah to Chappy and the Inkwell. So it wasn't easy to choose the winners. But the experts have spoken....   First Place Vincent Chahley from Calgary, Canada.


In honor of the seventieth Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby, we sent fishing legend Janet Messineo out trolling for fish tales. Then, in honor of the fortieth anniversary of Jaws, we chummed the waters ourselves for a couple of good shark stories. The result? Well, you should have been here that time when, holy crap...you wouldn’t have believed it....


Skip Finley wants your kid to tune in.

By Nicole Grace Mercier


You can spend more than $1,000 on a fly reel. But who needs it? Charlie Blair and I each caught derby fly-rod-record fish on reels that cost $25.

By Kib Bramhall


Everett Poole has a simple plan to fix the Island. But first you have to get him to slow down enough to tell you about it.

By Mollie Doyle


“Native Americans have always gamed, and we gamed for high stakes. Sometimes whole villages changed hands because of gambling.”


Single earring? Check. Chunky cross chain? Check. Backwards cap, Reebok sneakers, and grungy mullet? Check, check, and most definitely check.