With the coastal bluff eroding, two things were obvious. The old house near the edge of the scarp was doomed, and any new structure built there had to be easily movable. Working with clients whose family have owned the land for decades, architect Peter Rose came up with the idea of little boxes made not of ticky-tacky but of ten-inch-thick concrete. We caught up with him recently at the property. MVM: Why concrete?


Protective measures help plants survive the crueler months.

By Nicole Grace Mercier


Martha’s Vineyard is not particularly hospitable when it comes to fruit trees.

By Susan Catling


James Sanfilippo of Aquinnah is an artisan specialty plasterer.

By Simone McCarthy


As the driveway circles up toward the house, the wide curved porch - linking two of four wings - comes into view near the crest of the hill. The owners: Ken and Dede Feinberg

By Karla Araujo


A creative design trumps building lot limitations.

By Shelley Christiansen


Translating Piet Mondrian’s geometric color scheme onto kitchen cabinets required some out-of-the-box thinking.

By Joyce Wagner


A gardener’s tale of creating an old-fashioned romantic garden for actors Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson.

By Peggy Schwier