This weekend after a foray into the storm-swept dunes of Lambert’s Cove to hunt down some beach plums, I stopped at Blackwater Farm, the very first place I bought local eggs on the Island years ago. This was before the 400 hens, but that’s another story.

I still love fresh local eggs, and farmer Debby Farber’s tucked-away farm stand behind Cottle’s Lumber in West Tisbury is a great place to get them – and to look for steaks and chops in her magic meat freezer. Flowers and the occasional newborn calf sighting are bonuses.

Having eggs for dinner feels like a treat, an excuse to eat breakfast for supper.

One of my favorite dinner variations of a breakfast classic is a big Puffy Oven Pancake – basically a giant popover. Fill the pancake (which does collapse a bit after showing off) with sautéed veggies, cut it into wedges, and you have a sort of pancake pizza. A great topping is sautéed cauliflower seasoned with cumin and coriander and finished with a little thick yogurt.

Next in my lineup of comforting egg dishes is a savory bread pudding. Yes, that’s just a fancy name for a strata or an egg casserole, but if you make Mini Savory Bread Puddings with Tuscan Kale, Bacon, and Cheddar, they feel special enough to warrant a distinguished name. (And yes, you can change up the veggies.)

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