We’re coming off the Fair here, which means we suddenly have the urge to start pickling and preserving, freezing and canning. And in my case, that means roasting and freezing, as in the Slow-Roasted Beefsteak Tomatoes above (a whole different technique from Quick-Roasted Tomatoes).

Putting stuff "up" is a Vineyard thing; we can’t help ourselves. In the darkest days of winter, reaching into the pantry for a taste of summer is a real mood-booster.

But we also have to put dinner on the table, right? So before I inundate you with preserving ideas, I’m offering a couple of meaty mains that should sustain you while you’re otherwise occupied putting up the harvest.

The first is meatloaf. I know, I know, it seems like it's a little early for meatloaf, but this Glazed Market Meatloaf has some vegetables in it (of course!) and feta cheese and a tangy glaze. It's also delicious cold or at room temperature, sort of like Vineyard pâté.

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