Eating In

Instead of peeling, roast butternut squash halves and scoop out the delicious flesh and use it as a tasty ingredient in soups, pies, and more.

Ingredient-driven cooking means starting with what you have and building a smart meal around it.

What do you do with that basket of beautiful eggplant you've collected? Dice or slice, stir-fry or grill.

Kate Warner's bread CSA fuels an obsession with good bread—and toast recipes.

Butcher and Reliable Market Owner Bob Pacheco offers a guide to great steaks for the grill.

August is melon season – hot, sticky, and thirst quenching.

In Chilmark, a cook serves bouillabaisse to her old friend, who just happens to be a fish monger.

No wonder stripers make such delicious eating — in addition to feeding on crustaceans, they love eels, squid, mackerel and of course, smaller fish like menhaden.


Eating In