Eating In

From littlenecks to chowders, quahaugs provide sustenance year-round. Plus, they are just a rake away.

Even on the Vineyard, the bustle of everyday life can conspire to keep families from gathering together for meals. Carol McManus, owner of Espresso Love in Edgartown, recently published a book to promote the simple idea of family sitting down at the dinner table – as she did with her five kids.

Chilmark’s Mermaid Farm has the only certified raw milk and yogurt on the Island. The husband-and-wife team of Allen Healy and Caitlin Jones also grows produce, raises sheep, and sells lamb to round out their business.

From seeds saved over generations, harvested across the globe, West Tisbury gardener Thalia Scanlan grows a striking variety of tomatoes. She also helps grow seedlings for an annual sale at COMSOG in Oak Bluffs.

Waging battle with this feisty crustacean along the quiet shoreline of an Island pond is as much fun as its sweet, tender meat is prized.


Eating In