Eating In

When life gives you lettuce, make dinner.

Going a little gaga over baby vegetables isn't entirely irrational: they are easier to prep, hold together better in cooking, and have more assertive flavors.

All this and popovers for breakfast, too.

Quick! What to bring to the potluck tomorrow? Deviled Eggs? Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp? Here's a whole collection of suggestions.

Facing the challenge of combining local ingredients (quickly — there are hungry mouths to feed!) can yield delicious results, like Clams Alla Griglia.

Apologies to Dr. Seuss, but sweet green peas are a much better match for ham than are green eggs.

At The Grey Barn and Farm in Chilmark, you can now get freshly baked loaves to go with your Prufrock.

Leave it to me to get sentimental about garlic scapes.


Eating In